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The Girl In The Painting by Max Monroe Playlist

The Girl In The Painting by Max Monroe

Blue Madonna – Borns
Dust It Off- The Do
What is and What Should Never Be- Led Zeppelin
Tip Of My Tongue- The Civil Wars
Comptine D’un Autre Ete- Yann Tiersen
Four Seasons- Vivadldi
Sail Away- David Grey
Unsteady- X Ambassadors
Real Love- Tom Odell
Brindo- Devendra Banhart
Sweet Love- Ghinzu

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Coffee Love

So we were recently in my husbands hometown in Mexico! I need to go back ASAP!!!

But while we were there, we got coffee from his cousin.


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Easy 2 Ingredient Yummy Cake

Cake – I used a Buttery Yellow Cake Mix and one can of Lemon-Lime Soda (MD)

I lined my pan with parchment paper.

Then I added the cake mix and soda and stirred until well blended.

Just those two! The Cake Mix and Soda ONLY! NO other ingredients are needed!

Next because the hubby wanted a Coffee Cake type cake, I made a crumb topping. (Optinal)

Crumb Topping

3 tbsp Flour

4 tbsp. Lite Brown Sugar

1 tbsp. Regular Sugar

2 tbsp. Room Temp. Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter

You can tweek the crumb topping with more flour for bigger crumbs!

Mix topping with a fork… Or your fingers! I prefer fingers when I am not cooking for a group!

Sprinkle over your Cake Mixture !

Bake Cake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 35-45 min. Or until top is golden!

Quick easy and Delicious!!!

Try it and Send me Pictures!

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When A Book Hits Your Soul

A review of Max Monroe’s The Girl In The Painting
Review By Emma Morales aka #BookSnitchEm
How do I explain in words a love story so powerful and pure! Just know It’s a love story to stand with all the greats! This book is electrifying to the senses in every sense of the words! It grabs your interest from the start and grips your heart to take you on an #unforgettable emotional #rollercoaster! This is simply the best love story of our time. It leaps into life with each page and you feel as if its a visual movie. It feels so Real, I even reached to pause it several times!

It is everything and more, its simply #unexplainable.
Brace yourself for the best words ever written of love.
This hit me to the core and I cried like a blubbering fool!

“No. A heart breaks in the heaving waves of a new reality. A tragic reality that has arrived uninvited. A heart breaks when you’re forced to face the possibility of a life you can’t bear to fathom.” Indy, Chapter 36, The Girl In The Painting.

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